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A la Decouverte, Ecole Castle Downs
A. Blair McPherson School Meadows
Abbott School Abbottsfield - Penny McKee
Academy at King Edward Strathcona
AlBaqir Academy Mill Woods
Alberta School for the Deaf Whitemud Crossing
Aldergrove School Lois Hole (Callingwood)
Aleda Patterson School Jasper Place
Alex Janvier School Jasper Place
Allendale School Whitemud Crossing
Al-Mustafa Academy Idylwylde (Bonnie Doon)
Al-Mustafa Academy, North Highlands
Alternative Education Program Stanley A. Milner (Downtown)
Amiskwaciy Academy Sprucewood
Anne Fitzgerald School Clareview
Annunciation School Jasper Place
Archbishop Joseph MacNeil School Riverbend
Archbishop MacDonald School Woodcroft (Westmount)
Archbishop O'Leary School Londonderry
Argyll Centre Capilano
Aspen Program Woodcroft (Westmount)
Athlone School Calder
Aurora High School Woodcroft (Westmount)
Aurora School Woodcroft (Westmount)
Austin O'Brien School Capilano
Avalon School Whitemud Crossing
Avonmore School Idylwylde (Bonnie Doon)
Balwin School Londonderry
Bannerman School Clareview
Baturyn School Castle Downs
Beacon Heights School Abbottsfield - Penny McKee
Belgravia School Strathcona
Belmead School Lois Hole (Callingwood)
Belmont School Clareview
Belvedere School Londonderry
Ben Calf Robe - St. Clare School Highlands
Bennett Centre Stanley A. Milner (Downtown)
Bessie Nichols School Lois Hole (Callingwood)
Bishop David Motiuk School Lois Hole (Callingwood)
Bishop Greschuk School Castle Downs
Bishop Savaryn School Castle Downs
Bisset School Meadows
Braemar School Capilano
Brander Gardens School Riverbend
Brightview School Jasper Place
Britannia School Jasper Place
Brookside School Riverbend
Caernarvon School Castle Downs
Calder School Calder
Callingwood School Lois Hole (Callingwood)
Cardinal Leger School Londonderry
Centennial School Lois Hole (Callingwood)
Centre High School Stanley A. Milner (Downtown)
Christ the King School Londonderry
Clara Tyner School Capilano
Constable Dan Woodall School Riverbend
Coralwood Adventist Academy Woodcroft (Westmount)
Coronation School Woodcroft (Westmount)
Corpus Christi School Mill Woods
Crawford Plains School Meadows
Crestwood School Jasper Place
D.S. MacKenzie School Whitemud Crossing
Daly Grove School Meadows
David Thomas King School Lois Hole (Callingwood)
Delton School Sprucewood
Delwood School Londonderry
Dickinsfield School Londonderry
Divine Mercy School Mill Woods
Donald R. Getty School Whitemud Crossing
Donnan School Idylwylde (Bonnie Doon)
Dovercourt School Woodcroft (Westmount)
Dr. Anne Anderson School Whitemud Crossing
Dr. Donald Massey School Londonderry
Dr. Lila Fahlman School Whitemud Crossing
Dr. Margaret-Ann Armour School Riverbend
Duggan School Whitemud Crossing
Dunluce School Castle Downs
E2 Academy Riverbend
Earl Buxton School Riverbend
Eastglen School Highlands
Edith Rogers School Mill Woods
Edmonton Academy Whitemud Crossing
Edmonton Christian High School Woodcroft (Westmount)
Edmonton Christian Northeast School Londonderry
Edmonton Christian West School Woodcroft (Westmount)
Edmonton Islamic Academy Castle Downs
Edmonton Khalsa School Meadows
Edmonton Youth Attendance Centre Woodcroft (Westmount)
Ekota School Mill Woods
Elizabeth Finch School Castle Downs
Ellerslie Campus Mill Woods
Elmwood School Lois Hole (Callingwood)
Elves Child Development Centre Woodcroft (Westmount)
Esther Starkman School Riverbend
Evansdale School Londonderry
Father Leo Green School Londonderry
Father Michael Mireau School Mill Woods
Father Michael Troy School Meadows
Florence Hallock School Castle Downs
Forest Heights School Capilano
Fraser School Clareview
Frère Antoine School Mill Woods
Fresh Start Cardinal Collins Academic Centre Clareview
Fresh Start Mill Woods Academic Centre Mill Woods
Fresh Start Westmount Academic Centre Woodcroft (Westmount)
Gabrielle-Roy, École publique Idylwylde (Bonnie Doon)
Garneau School Strathcona
Garth Worthington School Whitemud Crossing
Genesis Centre South Campus – St. Monica Catholic School Riverbend
Genesis School Sprucewood
George H. Luck School Riverbend
George P. Nicholson School Whitemud Crossing
Glengarry School Londonderry
Glenora School Woodcroft (Westmount)
Glenrose School Sprucewood
Gobind Sarvar School Mill Woods
Gold Bar School Capilano
Good Shepherd School Lois Hole (Callingwood)
Grace Martin School Mill Woods
Grandview Heights School Whitemud Crossing
Greenfield School Whitemud Crossing
Greenview School Mill Woods
Grovenor School Woodcroft (Westmount)
H.E. Beriault School Lois Hole (Callingwood)
Hardisty School Capilano
Harry Ainlay School Whitemud Crossing
Hazeldean School Strathcona
Headway School Society of Alberta Capilano
Highlands School Highlands
Highwood School Clareview
Hillcrest School Lois Hole (Callingwood)
Hillview School Mill Woods
Hilwie Hamdon School Castle Downs
Holy Child School Stanley A. Milner (Downtown)
Holy Cross School Jasper Place
Holy Family School Meadows
Holy Trinity High School Mill Woods
Holyrood School Idylwylde (Bonnie Doon)
Homesteader School Clareview
Horse Hill School Clareview
Inglewood School Woodcroft (Westmount)
Inner City High School Stanley A. Milner (Downtown)
Ivor Dent School Abbottsfield - Penny McKee
J. Percy Page School Mill Woods
J.A. Fife School Londonderry
J.H. Picard School Idylwylde (Bonnie Doon)
J.J. Bowlen School Londonderry
Jackson Heights School Meadows
James Gibbons School Jasper Place
Jan Reimer School Mill Woods
Jasper Place School Jasper Place
Jean Forest All Girls Learning Academy Londonderry
Joan Carr School Riverbend
Joey Moss School Riverbend
John A. McDougall School Stanley A. Milner (Downtown)
John Barnett School Londonderry
John D. Bracco School Clareview
John Paul I School Mill Woods
Johnny Bright School Whitemud Crossing
Joseph-Moreau, École Idylwylde (Bonnie Doon)
Julia Kiniski School Meadows
Kameyosek School Mill Woods
Kate Chegwin School Meadows
Katherine Therrien School Castle Downs
Keheewin School Whitemud Crossing
Kenilworth School Idylwylde (Bonnie Doon)
Kennedale School - Edmonton Young Offender Centre Castle Downs
Kensington School Calder
Kildare School Londonderry
Killarney School Londonderry
Kim Hung School Lois Hole (Callingwood)
King Edward School Strathcona
Kirkness School Clareview
kisêwâtisiwin School Mill Woods
Kisiko Awasis Kiskinahamawin Whitemud Crossing
L.Y. Cairns School Whitemud Crossing
Lago Lindo School Castle Downs
Lansdowne School Whitemud Crossing
LaPerle School Lois Hole (Callingwood)
Lauderdale School Calder
Laurier Heights School Jasper Place
Learning Store at Blue Quill Whitemud Crossing
Learning Store at Londonderry Londonderry
Learning Store on Whyte Strathcona
Learning Store West Edmonton Jasper Place
Lee Ridge School Mill Woods
Lendrum School Whitemud Crossing
Lillian Osborne School Riverbend
Londonderry School Londonderry
Lorelei School Castle Downs
Louis St. Laurent School Whitemud Crossing
Lymburn School Lois Hole (Callingwood)
Lynnwood School Jasper Place
M.E. LaZerte School Londonderry
MAC Islamic School - Elementary Woodcroft (Westmount)
MAC Islamic School - Junior/Senior High Woodcroft (Westmount)
Major General Griesbach School Castle Downs
Malcolm Tweddle School Mill Woods
Malmo School Whitemud Crossing
Mary Butterworth School Castle Downs
Mary Hanley Elementary School Meadows
Maskekosak Kisinomatowikamik School Lois Hole (Callingwood)
Maurice-Lavallée, École Idylwylde (Bonnie Doon)
Mayfield School Woodcroft (Westmount)
McArthur School Calder
McKee School Whitemud Crossing
McKernan School Strathcona
McLeod School Londonderry
McNally School Capilano
Meadowlark Christian School Jasper Place
Meadowlark School Jasper Place
Meadows Baptist Academy Meadows
Mee-Yah-Noh School Londonderry
Menisa School Mill Woods
Metro Continuing Education Idylwylde (Bonnie Doon)
Meyokumin School Mill Woods
Meyonohk School Mill Woods
Michael A Kostek School Lois Hole (Callingwood)
Michael Phair School Lois Hole (Callingwood)
Michael Strembitsky School Mill Woods
Michaëlle-Jean, École Idylwylde (Bonnie Doon)
Mill Creek School Strathcona
Millwoods Christian School Mill Woods
Minchau School Meadows
Monsignor Fee Otterson School Whitemud Crossing
Monsignor William Irwin School Riverbend
Mother Margaret Mary School Riverbend
Mount Pleasant School Whitemud Crossing
Nebula Academy Highlands
Nellie Carlson School Riverbend
Northmount School Londonderry
Norwood School Sprucewood
Notre-Dame, École Jasper Place
Old Scona Academic School Strathcona
Oliver School Stanley A. Milner (Downtown)
One World One Centre Capilano
Ormsby School Lois Hole (Callingwood)
Ottewell School Capilano
Our Lady of Mount Carmel School Strathcona
Our Lady of Peace School Woodcroft (Westmount)
Our Lady of the Prairies School Lois Hole (Callingwood)
Our Lady of Victories School Jasper Place
Overlanders School Clareview
Parkallen School Whitemud Crossing
Parkland Immanuel School Lois Hole (Callingwood)
Parkview School Jasper Place
Pathways – Meadows Recreation Centre Meadows
Patricia Heights School Jasper Place
Père-Lacombe, École Calder
Pollard Meadows School Meadows
Prince Charles School Woodcroft (Westmount)
Princeton School Londonderry
Progressive Academy Woodcroft (Westmount)
Queen Alexandra School Strathcona
Queen Elizabeth School Londonderry
Richard Secord School Whitemud Crossing
Rideau Park School Whitemud Crossing
Rio Terrace School Lois Hole (Callingwood)
Riverbend School Riverbend
Riverdale School Stanley A. Milner (Downtown)
Roberta MacAdams School Whitemud Crossing
Ross Sheppard School Woodcroft (Westmount)
Rosslyn School Calder
Rutherford School Idylwylde (Bonnie Doon)
S. Bruce Smith School Lois Hole (Callingwood)
Sainte-Jeanne-d'Arc, École Idylwylde (Bonnie Doon)
Sakaw School Mill Woods
Satoo School Mill Woods
Scott Robertson School Calder
Shauna May Seneca School Mill Woods
Sifton School Clareview
Sir John Thompson School Calder
Sister Annata Brockman School Lois Hole (Callingwood)
Soraya Hafez School Londonderry
Spruce Avenue School Sprucewood
St. Alphonsus School Sprucewood
St. Angela School Calder
St. Anne School Londonderry
St. Augustine School Whitemud Crossing
St. Benedict School Lois Hole (Callingwood)
St. Bernadette School Abbottsfield - Penny McKee
St. Bonaventure School Clareview
St. Boniface School Whitemud Crossing
St. Brendan Capilano
St. Brendan School Capilano
St. Catherine School Stanley A. Milner (Downtown)
St. Cecilia School Londonderry
St. Charles School Castle Downs
St. Clement School Mill Woods
St. Dominic School Londonderry
St. Edmund School Calder
St. Elizabeth School Mill Woods
St. Elizabeth Seton School Clareview
St. Francis of Assisi School Londonderry
St. Francis Xavier School Jasper Place
St. Gabriel School Capilano
St. Gerard School Highlands
St. Hilda School Mill Woods
St. Jerome School Abbottsfield - Penny McKee
St. John Bosco School Londonderry
St. John XXIII School Riverbend
St. Joseph School Stanley A. Milner (Downtown)
St. Justin School Lois Hole (Callingwood)
St. Kateri School Meadows
St. Leo School Highlands
St. Lucy School Castle Downs
St. Maria Goretti School Clareview
St. Mark School Woodcroft (Westmount)
St. Martha School Lois Hole (Callingwood)
St. Martin School Whitemud Crossing
St. Mary School Riverbend
St. Matthew School Londonderry
St. Nicholas School Abbottsfield - Penny McKee
St. Oscar Romero School Lois Hole (Callingwood)
St. Paul School Jasper Place
St. Philip School Londonderry
St. Pius X School Woodcroft (Westmount)
St. Richard School Mill Woods
St. Rose School Jasper Place
St. Stanislaus School Whitemud Crossing
St. Teresa of Calcutta School Sprucewood
St. Teresa School Whitemud Crossing
St. Thomas Aquinas School Whitemud Crossing
St. Thomas More School Jasper Place
St. Timothy School Castle Downs
St. Vincent School Woodcroft (Westmount)
St. Vladimir School Londonderry
Steele Heights School Londonderry
Steinhauer School Whitemud Crossing
STEM Collegiate Meadows
Stollery School Strathcona
Stratford School Jasper Place
Strathcona School Strathcona
Suzuki Charter School Society Capilano
Svend Hansen School Meadows
Sweet Grass School Whitemud Crossing
T.D. Baker School Meadows
Talmud Torah School Lois Hole (Callingwood)
Tempo School Riverbend
Tevie Miller Heritage School Program Whitemud Crossing
Thelma Chalifoux School Meadows
Thorncliffe School Lois Hole (Callingwood)
Thrive School Woodcroft (Westmount)
Tipaskan School Mill Woods
Velma E. Baker School Meadows
Vernon Barford School Whitemud Crossing
Victoria School Stanley A. Milner (Downtown)
Vimy Ridge Academy Idylwylde (Bonnie Doon)
Virginia Park School Highlands
W.P. Wagner School Idylwylde (Bonnie Doon)
Waldorf Independent School of Edmonton Capilano
Waverley School Idylwylde (Bonnie Doon)
Weinlos School Meadows
Westbrook School Whitemud Crossing
Westglen School Woodcroft (Westmount)
Westminster School Woodcroft (Westmount)
Westmount School Woodcroft (Westmount)
Windsor Park School Strathcona
Winterburn School Lois Hole (Callingwood)
Yellowhead Youth Centre Calder
York School Londonderry
Youngstown School Jasper Place